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We take you to the north of the country, Friesland. In Winsum, Friesland, Hester lives with her husband Erik and their two sons. We got to take a look inside her semi-detached house from the 50s. Her living style can be described as Scandinavian, simple atmosphere, light colors and above all: tranquility. Her passion for interior design is great and she likes to share it on her Instagram @bij.hes. Being a teacher, she sometimes secretly dreams about her own interior styling business. It's okay to dream, right?

Interieur inspiratie

The search

Six years ago, Hester and Erik started looking for a house to buy. "During the viewing of our home, we immediately fell in love! Not so much on the house itself because it turned out to be a handyman's house, but on the location where the house stands." she says. Hester and Erik live in a residential area, yet they have an unobstructed view to the front and back. With a "farm" canal behind, croaking frogs and next to it meadows with horses, cows and lambs in the spring... Erik rebuilt the house all by himself. When they walked in during the viewing, Hester didn't like the house. "Dark, old and sad ... but Erik looked through that. He saw possibilities and made sure this house became our home."

Interieur inspiratie

The 2021 color on the wall

A few weeks ago, the paneling on the wall was repainted. For some time Hester had been looking for a new color for the wall. She chose the color "Brave Ground" from Flexa. "When I saw the new color of 2021, I immediately knew I wanted to use this color in my home. After I also received several comments that this color fits my interior perfectly, I knew for sure. I love the color and it pairs perfectly with the natural materials and colors found throughout our home."

Interieur inspiratie

Love of photography and color

Hester is not trend-sensitive, but she does find it cool to get ideas through home decorating magazines and social media. For hours, Hester can scroll through pages of photos of beautiful interiors online. Mostly on Pinterest, later she discovered Instagram. "It's a nice platform, to use my passion for photography. My love for photography is great. Everywhere I go, I see beautiful pictures. In styling different spaces and photographing them, I also find peace and relaxation." Hester's passion for interior design was already there when they were still living in their previous home. Back then, their living style was black and white, which Hester can't imagine now, "A house without color. Meanwhile, I have gained a lot of love for an interior with color and a lot more greenery."

Interieur inspiratie

Favorite spot in the house

Hester's favorite place in the house, are the children's rooms. These are also the rooms where her love and passion for interior styling started. She also really enjoys sitting at the dining table with her family, friends and dear family. "Enjoying drinks and being together with tasty snacks and lots of games."

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Hester has not done much to the bedroom in recent years; she would still like to give it a major makeover. With a color on the wall and the use of new materials, bedding and accessories.

The Visser family Instawall

Hester and her family's first Instawall has already known several places in the house. "A nice reminder of a nice vacation. We still walk past it often, as it has been given a new place in the hall. The boys also stand in front of it regularly, making the very best memories together." Recently, the family had a photo shoot and they had these photos printed on an Instawall. "I think through this product you can show very nicely how fun and loving the photo shoot was."

Instawall poster met ophangsysteem