5 tips voor interieurfotografie

5 tips for interior photography

Do you love interiors and would like to get started photographing them yourself? Get inspiration and learn how you can improve your interior photography. Interior photography does not have to be difficult, with these simple tips you can shoot the most beautiful interior photos!

Pay attention to the light

Interior photos look best when they are portrayed with light and clarity. Always pay attention to the light and see what the light does to your space. Especially now that it is autumn you will have to take this into account. Dark photos make the room look smaller and details come out less well. Solution: grab your photo opportunity between the showers! The sun gives a high contrast that might just make your interior photo more beautiful.

Note: a no-go in interior photography is to shoot with the room light on. Lamps cause shadows and yellow or orange color swirls. Bummer! Therefore, use as much natural light as possible. Is it really too dark? Use candlelight or light it up while post-processing your photos.

Interieur fotografie

Tidy and clean surroundings

Dishes still on the counter, the vacuum cleaner still running through the house or clean laundry on the kitchen table. Of course you clean up your mess before taking a picture. But too much stuff in an interior photo can also come across as "clutter. They distract from what really matters. Therefore, make sure everything is tidy and clean. You don't have to leave everything out, home decoration adds personality and atmosphere, but make sure it doesn't get too crowded.

Ensure straight lines

The basics of homes and interiors are almost always straight. Straight walls, doors and cabinets, you will find them everywhere. To shoot the photo professionally, make sure the lines in the photo are actually straight. Hold the camera at the same height as the subject in the photo. This will prevent the photo from being shot up or down. Because it can be difficult to keep your camera straight, you can use a tripod. Don't have a tripod? Then use a cabinet or a stack of books to keep your camera straight. In addition, it is easy to "straighten" the photo in post-processing with an app or photo editing program.

Interieur fotografie keuken

Choose your composition

The nice thing about interior photography is that you have all the time you need to take photos, because your interior is not moving! So you can take your time to see how best to photograph your interior and determine your composition. Do you use the photos on Instagram? Then alternate your photos with overview and detail photos to create a cohesive whole.

Interieur fotografie compositie

Use fresh products

A simple but golden tip: make sure there are fresh products in the photo. Think flowers, plants or fresh fruit. Fresh produce has the power to give any interior that extra bit of "realness" and playfulness!

Interieur fotografie

Feel like getting started with these tips? Photography is best learned by doing, so grab your camera and shoot! Are you curious about the interior trends of 2021? You can read them here.